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Event2023 CEPSYM
Date/TimeTuesday, June 27, 2023
Continental breakfast: 7:45-9:00
Program: 8:30-5:00
PlaceTBD in Sacramento region
ThemeWater Management Options for Adapting to California Droughts and Floods

Why this theme?

Climate change impacts are altering our historic understanding of meteorology and hydrology. When, where, and how much precipitation falls is changing. In recent years, floods and droughts are more extreme than historic records show. Climate models looking forward show increasing flood and drought extremes. We use the best available data at the time when making decisions. Adoption of the 2022 Update of the Central Valley Flood Protection in December 2022 brings our attention to thinking about options for integrated management of floods and droughts.

Morning Session: Anticipating Consequences of Floods and Droughts

Looks at potential impacts resulting from future floods and droughts. What is at risk? How are risks altered by climate change extremes?

Afternoon Session: Adaptation Options for Managing Floods and Droughts

Focuses on what work is being done to understand and to integrate solutions addressing floods and droughts. How can we manage surface water and groundwater at the same time?

What is CEPSYM?

The California Extreme Precipitation Symposium is an informal day of scientific and technical presentations meant to increase our knowledge and understanding of extreme precipitation events. Goals of CEPSYM are to improve flood risk management planning and increase warning time for large floods.

Each year, CEPSYM presentations focus on a specific theme. Almost every paper or presentation given since starting in 1994 is available under Speaker Presentations.

Speaker Presentations

Speaker presentations from each Symposium are available on this website. Presentations may be posted in one or more formats: abstracts, printable slides from the presenters, and/or audio of the sessions.

More Information

Interested? Are you interested in talking on a technical or scientific topic related to the Symposium's purpose? Would you like to attend the next symposium? Contact us to be notified via email of the next Symposium.