Sharing Technical and Scientific Knowledge About Extreme Precipitation

2018 Symposium

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Date:  Monday, July 9, 2018
Place:  UC Davis Conference Center
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Theme:  Paleoclimate Insights for Natural Resources Planning in California
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note: Certified Floodplain Managers (CFM) who attend the Symposium for the full day will be allowed 6 CEC units

Theme Abstract

Paleoclimate Insights for Natural Resources Planning in California

The science of paleoclimatology studies past climate from its imprint on tree rings and other proxies. Reconstructed variables available at an ever-increasing spatial and temporal resolution from proxies include rainfall, temperature, streamflow, snowpack, soil moisture, fire history, and drought. The presentations in the morning session of the Symposium will be focused on reviewing the state of paleoclimate science with respect to the hydrology of California. In the afternoon session, the focus will be on exploring the utility of paleoclimate records for management of natural resources, such as water and forests.

The Symposium is geared to facilitate discussion and bring together scientists, resource managers, and stakeholders to explore the utility of paleo proxies in natural resources planning and management.

What is CEPSYM?

The California Extreme Precipitation Symposium is an informal day of scientific and technical presentations meant to increase our knowledge and understanding of extreme precipitation events. Goals of CEPSYM are to improve flood risk management planning and increase warning time for large floods.

Each year, CEPSYM presentations focus on a specific theme. Almost every paper or presentation given since starting in 1994 is available under Speaker Presentations.

Speaker Presentations

Speaker presentations from each Symposium are available on this website. Presentations may be posted in one or more formats: abstracts, printable slides from the presenters, and/or audio of the sessions.

More Information

Interested? Are you interested in talking on a technical or scientific topic related to the Symposium's purpose? Would you like to attend the next symposium? Contact the Coordinator, Gary Estes, to be notified via email of the next Symposium.


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