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Hydrologic Engineering Center. (Click for larger picture.)
On behalf of all current and past employees of the Hydrologic Engineering Center (HEC) for the past 50 years, two present and one former employee received the Special Recognition Award.

Left to right: Jay Pak (Research Hydraulic Engineer), Matt Fleming (Chief, Hydrology and Hydraulics Technology Division), and Jeff Harris (former Chief, Hydrology and Hydraulics Technology Division). Presenting the award was Arthur Hinojosa (Chief, Hydrology & Flood Operations Office, California Dept. of Water Resources).

Special Recognition Award

The following is the text found on the Special Recognition Award presented to Hydrologic Engineering Center, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, at the California Extreme Precipitation Symposium held at the University of California, Davis on June 24, 2014.


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Hydrologic Engineering Center
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Since its founding by Albert L. Cochran and Leo R. Beard 50 years ago, the Hydrologic Engineering Center (HEC) has realized the threefold mission that Cochran and Beard envisioned: research, training, and technical assistance in the application of hydrologic engineering methods.

HEC's practical research has advanced the state of the art in modeling the behavior of watersheds, alluvial and fluvial systems, and water management facilities, and in assessing the economic and environmental impacts of that behavior.

To apply the research, HEC has developed and distributed efficient, effective methods and tools — moving the state of the art to the state of the practice. HEC has trained thousands of people on the use of these methods and tools, which has enabled the larger community to take advantage of advances in technology. HEC has advised and supported hundreds of water management agencies in California and across the globe on assessing flood and drought problems, developing proposed solutions, and evaluating the performance of those proposed solutions.

This award recognizes HEC's exemplary contributions to better decision making for flood and drought management in California. As HEC celebrates its "golden" anniversary, we take great pleasure in joining others worldwide to acknowledge the groundbreaking contributions by HEC staff and management and to say, "Thank you for a job well done. Keep it up."

California Extreme Precipitation Symposium
June 24, 2014

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